There might be a purchase limit cap for this instant discount

But still, I’d take this walk any day than having the hour and a half long journey that I previously had to work. I can stroll, I can be more relaxed, I don’t have to take the bus anymore. Everything was working out sweetly.. Let me know if you have anymore questions or if you need a video or pic tutorial to further explain what I just laid out.This pattern is just what I have been looking for for a leash I want to make. I know this response is 3 years old, but if you still have the tutorial for adding in the loop for the handle, could you please share it? Thanks.Also, about how much cord would I need if I am doing this in 2 colors?how long is the core cord and how did you attach it to the buckle?The first is a hitch knot, the second is singed.Hi, i really like your tutorial and i planning to tie cord around hose of hookah, but i have question. Is your formula works on any kind of core, or i have to count with core diameter? Your core are 2 paracord strings (about 8mm), but my rubber hose is about 1,5cm in diameter.Thanks youHey.

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