“Floyd, a 16 year veteran with the prison, is the first

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supreme Snapbacks “You’ve got to have some place to store and transport their personal belongings.”During negotiations conducted via an officer’s walkie talkie which were broadcast online for more than an hour before officials blocked the transmission the mediator tried to coax an unidentified inmate into letting him talk to Floyd to make sure he was OK.The inmate responded that the negotiator would only be able to talk to Floyd once the inmates got to talk to the governor. He told the negotiator that the prisoners wanted a “formal apology” from Carney for “decades of oppression.”Floyd, a 16 year veteran with the prison, is the first Delaware corrections officer to be killed, according to Klopp.The union president described Floyd as a wonderful husband and correctional officer who went the “extra mile for any human being he could help.” Last year, he received the warden’s award for outstanding performance.An AP reporter who visited Floyd’s house earlier Thursday was told the family had been through a lot and did not want to speak.Dave Dowty, a retired court transportation worker for the Department of Correction, said he occasionally worked with Floyd.”I just know he was a pretty good guy. He was quiet, professional,” Dowty said in a telephone interview.The others guards who were taken hostage were beaten severely by their captors and suffered broken bones, cuts and eye injuries, Klopp said.It wasn’t immediately clear how many inmates took part in the uprising. supreme Snapbacks

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