Year, Canadian women spent nearly $520 million on tampons,

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fondant tools While she has stopped making sweets, Goretti doesn’t stop at anything to cook a hearty meal on a usually chilly day. She let on, “I get most of my inspiration from my mother. I use a lot of her recipes because they are simply delicious. Year, Canadian women spent nearly $520 million on tampons, pads and menstrual cups, which put more than $36 million in tax into government coffers, according to Canada.While Mathyssen motion to kill the tax won all party support, the Conservatives didn say when it would die.Picking up on a private member bill put forward four times by NDP colleague, former MP Judy Wasylycia Leis of Manitoba, Mathyssen took another stab at the issue in 2011.thought it was important it spoke about that symbolic reality that women concerns are shoved by the wayside, said Mathyssen, who also made headlines arguing for veterans and immigrants rights.The NDP said the tax penalizes women, transgender and other people with periods. Been calls to cut the tax ever since the GST was introduced more than 20 years ago.think that this is just a very positive move for Canadian women, and it in alignment with our government record in this regard, Minister of State Michelle Rempel said Thursday.of gender, we all committed in the Conservative caucus to lowering taxes for Canadians. Provinces also exempt feminine hygiene products from provincial sales tax: British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Manitoba fondant tools.

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